First look at plans for new Douglas County 911 center

Posted at 3:54 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 18:18:48-04

A $45 million public safety bond was passed last November, and the county is working to start using those funds.

The 911 center is being moved to the Thomas Fitzgerald building that sits just east of the current 911 center at 156th and Maple. The building currently sits empty and was being used for law enforcement training.

Douglas County 911 Director David Sleeter said the new space will double their current one and will be state of the art.

“The environment is so important when you are under a stressful situation and are working long hours,” said Sleeter.

Every detail going into the renovation helps make a better working environment for the dispatchers.

“Overall the lights won't be too bright or too dim and add an overall a calming effect for the people who are working,” added Sleeter.

The safety bond would also update all the dispatcher technology, “The result will be a better response for people who are calling into the center,” said Sleeter.

The county will have room to grow in the new center and Sleeter said having an already existing building is helping the process.

A construction bid will go to the county board on August 1st, the project is expected to cost $15.7 million. The goal is to have the new center open by next year.