Flooding in Washington County and strong winds in Dodge County leave a mess

Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 19:59:47-04

More than seven inches of rain fell in Washington County Tuesday night. 

“I guess it started maybe around 6 o’clock or so and it was hard for quite a while and then stopped and then it started again,” said Dairy Queen General Manager Cheryl June.

Cheryl June knew it had poured in Blair, but was in for a shock when she arrived to her shift at the local Dairy Queen. 

“I walked around to go downstairs to get something and I couldn’t because I couldn’t get downstairs,” said June.

Eighteen inches of water filled the basement of DQ.  Luckily the computer system wasn’t harmed and Dairy Queen will reopen Thursday morning.

“We tried to get a grasp on it once we realized what was happening.  That’s what we do, we just react and do what we have to do,” said Washington County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Steve Bolton.

As the Washington County Sheriff’s Office had their hands full with county wide flooding, they were dealing with an issue of their own. 

“We actually had water coming through these little holes in the wall,” said Sergeant Bolton.

Deputies worked through the night to try to dry things out after ground water began filling parts of their office.  They’re still accessing the damage. 

“It’s a catastrophe here.  I thought the storms were supposed to be over,” said one Fremont Resident.

The story in Fremont is all about the strong winds that blew Tuesday evening.  The City of Fremont opened up the old landfill for residents to come and dump branches and leaves. 

"We loaded up the neighbor’s trailer twice and the other neighbor’s pick-up once,” said one Fremont resident.

Fremont only received about an inch of rain, but winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour causing power outages and tree damage. 

“I heard a little thump and thought we lost a branch off the tree, then about ten minutes later I heard a huge crash,” said Cheri Frey.

A tree came crashing down on the roof of the Frey’s Fremont home.  Luckily no one was injured, but Mother Nature caused a major mess.

“We have insurance.  Nobody was hurt, things can be replaced, people can’t,” said Frey.