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Flooding recedes on West Maple in Elkhorn

Posted: 6:06 PM, Jun 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-20 23:06:01Z
Flooding recedes on West Maple in Elkhorn

The flooding at 216th and West Maple streets has subsided after Tuesday but concerns of the area remain.

After some heavy rain hit, westbound near 216th and Maple Street, as well as Heritage Nursery, saw a lot of water.

Nearly four and a half inches of rain fell over the area. The flooding caused the road to close temporarily and traffic was re-routed.

While its not too common, there is a flood detection system near the culvert.

Amanda Grint, an engineer with the Papio Natural Resources District, says plans to fix the issue are also in the works.

"That's a lot of rain in a short period of time," she said. "But future plans for this tributary include a flood control reservoir upstream which will definitely help reduce flooding down stream and through this stretch through maple."

Water is still rushing in the creek as of Wednesday afternoon.

"The flood gage that we have here continuously measures the rainfall and it also measures the stage of the water in the channel and so that is being transmitted via satellite that we can all keep an eye on ," Grint said.