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Flu still making an impact

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 19:21:04-04

Flu season is coming to an end but the Douglas County Health Department says major cases are still being reported.

"It's still hanging on, we are still getting reports of positive lab test and still getting reports of outbreaks in long term care facilities," said Anne O'Keefe.

Dr. Anne O'keefe says this has been the worst year for the flu in Douglas County with 23 thousand more cases reported than last year.

"We've gotten more positive results this year than we have ever gotten before," said Dr. O'Keefe.

It's in the Spring O'Keefe says influenza B starts peaking as strain A starts  dying down.

"You can certainly catch A and B and there are two strains of A that circulates, so you have the chance to catch two to three strains this year,"  said Dr. O'Keefe.

Those numbers are fluctuating, last week there was nearly a 50 percent increase of people who tested positive for strain B. 

This week the numbers are back down.

"The flu is very unpredictable,"  said Dr. O'Keefe.

Even with a flu shot you can still get sick, but O'Keefe says your symptoms won't be nearly as severe.

"Vaccinations is really the best thing we have to protect yourself from the flu,"  said Dr. O'Keefe.

As long as the virus is circulating, O'Keefe says you're still at risk.

"It's peaked and it's almost over, it's kind of like Winter this year, it just never ended,"  said Dr. O'Keefe.

Dr. O'Keefe predicts influenza A and B will start going down within the next few weeks but washing your hands regularly is still a good idea to keep from getting infected.