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Folks fight heat to celebrate 4th of July

Posted at 9:34 PM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 06:53:23-04

While the scorching heat may have been an annoyance for those that celebrated Independence Day outside today, folks at two of the most popular hangout spots in the metro did their best to ignore it, while also taking precautions.

"Just trying to stay hydrated staying in the shade, trying to get in the water every now and then," says Mark Hansen, at Lake Manawa.

Over at Zorinsky Lake, it was tough to turn around without seeing folks barbecuing, including a group who came to the lake because of they could duck the sun.

"There's a lot of trees here and we're trying to a shady nice spot so we can avoid the very hot weather," says Ryan Zleik. 

Ryan Zleik and his family are originally from Syria but now that they reside in the States they have embraced the 4th of July holiday while also doing it their way.

 "So we try to mix between the two cultures in food in celebration in clothes even and it would be nice to mix all together," Zleik.

Others come to Zorinsky rain or shine every year and say they're for the most part conditioned for the heat.

"Not much I'm kind of used to it because I do this every year so it's not bothering me that much but the sweat is," Tealeja Brown, celebrating at Zorinsky.

Girls like Dayanara Sosaguzman have a very specific unique approach when dealing with the weather.

"I'd recommend them just trying to drink water and just keep on talking because that's what I do,” says Dayanara Sosaguzman, celebrating at Zorinsky Lake.

The high today got up to 93 degrees which makes it the hottest Fourth of July since 2012 when the temps got up to 100 degrees.