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Fontenelle Elementary school students praised for high test scores

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 19:15:23-04

24 second graders at Fontenelle Elementary School were honored Monday for being the top performing class of this school year.

After an assembly in front of the entire school, they left in a limo, for a trip downtown.

 Principal Eric Nelson says those students test year round, so Monday they got the chance to live like celebrities.

Fontenelle Elementary rolled out the red carpet for these second graders.     

"Kind of exciting," said Alexis Abarca.

Alexis Abarca is one of the students being recognized as a top performer on this year's map tests.

"Our whole class tried really hard on the test and they have really good grades," said Abarca.

Teachers and staff lined the red carpet with each students name on a gold star.

"The kids take test all year long," said Eric Nelson.

"So we kind of wanted to have a celebration at the end of the year to showcase all the hard work they put in and the dedication the teacher's have," said Nelson.

The winners were announced in a morning assembly just before the students rolled off in an upscale limousine.

"It's kind of fancy and long," said Abarca.

They played downtown on the big slides and enjoyed lunch at Gene Leahy Mall.

"They did all the hard work and tried their best, and that's all I asked of them," said Katie Hitchler.

Not only did these students have high test scores, but they were also the most improved class of the year.

"The class that won, Ms. Hitchler's averaged 20 points growth," said Nelson.

The students ended the day at Ted & Wally's Ice Cream as part of their reward for their hard work.

"There's 600 kids here and to see them all try so hard and get the test, they are all troopers at what they do," said Nelson.