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Food trucks welcome warmer winter weather

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jan 18, 2018

Despite a cold start to this week, Thursday warmed up just enough for the food trucks in downtown Omaha to expect a boost in business.

Peter Lorince spent Thursday working the lunch shift in the Sweet Lime Thai Food Express food truck, serving those out and about downtown on a rare warm winter day.

"That's our goal, to come down every week, except for weather," Lorince said. "If the weather is really bad, and it's too cold — below 15 degrees — then we postpone it."

Natalie Rapela of The Gyro Shack says while these days it's typically slow, there are some exceptions.

"Winter is not the money-making months," she said. "We try the best that we can. But summer is where we bring in the money, where we have all the events, and we generate a lot of revenue."

Regardless of the season, for Dire Lion food truck owner Isaiah Renner, the pressure is always on.

"That's what we bank on," Renner said. "We do really well down here during the summer. We can always usually count on a good day because of the volume downtown."

Renner is hoping to one day expand his British-themed truck to a restaurant.

"Eventually, what we want to do is kind of like a pub sort of feel and an actual brick-and-mortar," Renner said. "Hopefully, sometime in the future."

But for now, it's all about the forecast.