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Former Yale Park resident speaks after receiving three new beds

Posted at 3:37 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 16:37:47-04

Around two-thirds of the Yale Park families have now found permanent housing and today those residences become homes, as mattresses are being delivered to them.

"A lot of them had to leave behind pretty much everything they had, they took maybe a trash bag or two of items with them so they're replacing basically their entire household," says Jody Holston, re-housing director for homeless, Heartland Family Service. 

Ha Day Mu and her three kids, are one of the families that had to start over after being evacuated from Yale Park due to unsafe conditions. Through a translator, the Karenni refugee says she's relieved she has a place of her own. 

"When she moved out of Yale Park, she worried about the situation and when she got moved to an apartment here, she was happy," says Ha Day Mu. 

While Ha Day Mu was able to settle in a new apartment, her family was sleeping on cots, but not anymore after three new mattresses were delivered to her, thanks to donations. 

The beds allow her to restart her life in omaha, with hopes of eventually realizing the american dream.

"She'll probably live here one or two years and then she's going to search where she'd like to live, in a new house.”

The hardest part of the experience is leaving the tight-knit community Karen community, that had become a second family to her at Yale Park. 

"They go together, lived together, they eat together and then now I don't when we we'll meet again."