Founder of Susan G. Komen visits Omaha

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 21:01:29-04

Tens of thousands of people hit the streets in Omaha every year for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in the fall. This week, the founder of that cause came to Omaha. 

Nancy Brinker started Susan G. Komen after her sister and its namesake died of breast cancer. Brinker came to Omaha to take part in the "Power of Promise" luncheon to kick off the Nebraska chapter's yearly fundraising effort. 

Nationally, the organization has raised nearly $900 million for breast cancer research in the past thirty years. 

Brinker says researchers are close to making more major breakthroughs. 

"I think we're three to four years away from very different kinds of medical practices that the patient will control much of their information," Brinker went on to say, "hopefully it will become a disease we can prevent, and that's where I think we're all headed."

Dr. Karen Gelmon who specializes in breast cancer research also spoke at the luncheon on Wednesday.

Brinker says this year alone, the FDA approved 16 new strategies for treating breast cancer. All 16 were developed using Susan G. Komen grants.