Four Nebraskans recognized for civilian heroism

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 15:26:26-04

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KMTV) -On Monday, four Nebraska natives were awarded the Carnegie Medal, which is given annually to civilians who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others. 

Robbie Goering-Jensen, an Ashland police officer, was honored for rescuing Gregory and Luna Damper from their burning one-story home in December of 2015. 

Goering-Jensen was on duty when he heard cries from inside the house, he crawled through dense smoke and was able to get  both Gregory and Luna, who were in different rooms, out of their home. 

The other three Nebraskans, Omahans Brett Bailes, C. Frederic Holbeck and Dennis Wilson saved 28-year-old Nathan Wissink from burning in February of 2016.

Wissink was unconscious and trapped in the front seat of a burning car after it was turned over on its side. Bailes ran to the scene and put out the fire while Holbeck and Wilson were able to pull Wissink to safety 

Nebraska had more recipients than any other state and Omaha had more recipients than any other city. 

In total, 19 medals were awarded.