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Fourth of July block parties held around the Omaha Metro

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 09:21:45-04

Fireworks, flags and freedom. The fourth of July is celebrated in many different ways, and parades are one way people honor the holiday. The fourth of July is all about celebration but parties around town aren't just about celebrating America’s birthday."

Wednesday was all about honoring the red, white and blue as families gathered for parades around the Omaha metro. "It's super fun, I love it,” said Emily McDermott, who attended the Cryer Pool Parade for the first time. "This is neighborhood at its best,” said Jill Nelson, who attended the Field Club Parade. "It's been a blast ever since we started coming,” said Nathan Owens, who has attended the Cryer Pool Parade for six years.

Ownes attends with his wife and two children. “They love being in the parade so they dress up their little scooters or bikes and they lead the parade down the way,” said Owens, For the Owens’ today isn't just about celebrating America. "I love just being with my family, just celebrating the 4th of July and being with the family is what it's all about." It's a common theme at the parades around town. “It's a good way to spend the morning since we got little ones, it's nice it happens early in the day," said McDermott.

However, no matter who people celebrated with parade goers weren't forgetting today represents freedom and those who give it to us every day. "I love the older people especially those that are veterans who come by and remind us what this is all about anyway,” said Nelson.