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Fox in La Vista neighborhood startles residents

Posted at 12:20 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 18:10:57-04

A resident living around 90th and Granville Parkway captured a red fox on their security camera on Sunday.

Some neighbors were surprised to see the animal wander around their houses while others are used to the wildlife filtering in their yards.

Jessica Panec found out about the fox when her neighbor Facebook messaged her, "Hey watch out, we had this fox on our camera," and she was surprised to find out the fox was right next to her house, "Definitely fearful".

Panec just bought an 8-week-old puppy two days earlier and was worried about her safety. But before seeing this video, Panec had clues some animal had been in her yard, "It kind of put two and two together of a lot of the things that were happening in our house, we were having baby bunnies all over the place. We were having dead birds and having the poop too makes more sense now maybe its that."

Other neighbors have a different reaction, "That's kind of neat, I hope I get to see it," said Victoria Greene who is used to the random wildlife in her yard, "Obviously geese, raccoons, we had a possum two years ago that is out living back somewhere and then we recently had two mallard ducks that are laying eggs in our garden."

Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Executive Director Laura Stastny said fox sightings are pretty common in the urban areas and if you do see a fox, leave it alone, "Most wild animals if given the chance will try to escape from people but if you grab them or corner them that's when bites happen."

While not common in our area, the foxes could have rabies and are probably not interested in your pet, "Their main prey are small rodents and rabbits."

Wildlife experts say the foxes do not pose a risk to humans or bigger animals but to be careful around them and don’t approach, let them be.