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Trump guilty verdict: local lawmakers react

Don Bacon & Tony Vargas
Posted at 8:26 PM, May 31, 2024

OMAHA, NE- — Former President Trump's felony convictions have become a contentious conversation, some republican leaders are questioning the legitimacy of the trial. Friday KMTV contacted Republican Rep. Don Bacon and Democrat Sen. Tony Vargas about distrust of the judicial system following Trump's guilty verdicts.

Following the verdict Former President Trump called the country "rigged" and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said she believed it was a "sham."

KMTV reporter Hannah McIlree asked Rep. Bacon if he believes this rhetoric is harmful.

"I frankly I worry about it myself and it's not just him but you hear it all over today. We need to protect our judicial system because, well we have the best in the world and we have to protect it," said Rep. Bacon.

However, Bacon still questions the credibility of the prosecutor.

"So, I do think maybe there's pockets maybe in New York or Manhattan where you could maybe have a prosecutor that's maybe being overzealous but in the end we have an appeals process we have a lot of checks and balances," said Rep.Bacon.

We contacted Sen. Tony Vargas and he sent us the following statement:

"Everyone is entitled to due process under the law, and Donald Trump has been found guilty of 34 felony counts by a jury of his peers - 12 Americans. Don Bacon has endorsed a criminally convicted felon for President and enabled this lawlessness. That level of judgment has no place in the United States Congress. This is about putting country above party," said Sen. Vargas.

The road to November is still long and when asked if he'd support trump Bacon told me he'd vote with his conscious

"I believe he'd be president today if there was more of that, wise speaking to other people and some self control. You gotta vote your conscious I get it, I think some folks this issue with the indictments that's their choice people get to vote based off their moral compass their conscious and I think we should respect that," said Rep. Bacon.

Rep. Bacon says regardless of the final verdict following the appeals process, he'll respect it.

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