Fred Wilson blood drive next Tuesday

Posted at 5:17 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 18:17:53-04
This December, it will have been 10 years since a gunman opened fire inside the Von Maur in Westroads Mall.
Eight people and the shooter died that day. Years later, one survivor is remembering them, by asking the community to help. 
"Life is good. I am blessed. I am blessed. Perhaps undeservedly so. I am blessed."
Resilence is a powerful thing. It pumps through Fred Wilson's veins everyday. 
December 2007. Robert Hawkins walked into the Omaha Von Maur store and opened fire for 6 minutes. One of those victims: Wilson. Doctors rushed him to the ER replacing his entire blood supply as they worked to safe his life. Then in June 2013, adversity reared its ugly head again. 
A total loss. the apartment Wilson called home for more than 20 years burned down when a neighbor put out a cigarette that led to this fire. In both cases, he credits the Red Cross for helping him. 
"We're likely to have a moment in life where we have the moment in life where we need blood. Where we need the assistance of the american red cross. I of course experienced that back in 2007, when I had lost so much blood there was no more blood to bleed."
Tuesday, the Red Cross is holding a blood drive event and fire safety event in honor of Fred Wilson. They'll also be helping families map out escape routes with these, the need for blood is great. 
"If someone is going through a cancer treatment, they may need a unit or blood or something like that, but for a traumatic accident situation, a traumatic situation, someone goes though about a hundred units of blood. A lot. That's a hundred people who have donated." 
100 people is about how many donate during one blood drive. It's context Wilson hopes others will consider as he remains resilient and remembers...
"Maggie Webb, Angie Schuster, Janet Jorgensen, Diane Trent, Gary Joy, Beverly Flynn.
The Red Cross wants you to donate in Fred Wilson's name at that blood drive next Tuesday.
Organizers call his story inspiring, and are holding the drive in that honor. You can use your Red Cross donor app to sign up.