Fremont County Sheriff's Office warns public of Facebook scam

Posted at 12:06 PM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 13:10:40-05

Officials with the Fremont County Sheriff's Office are warning the public of a Facebook scam.

According to officials, they were contacted by a citizen from Sidney about that scam this past Monday.

During the course of their investigation, it was revealed that the victim received a friend request from someone she was already friends with.

FCSO officials added the scammer posing as the friend, even with pictures and information from that friend, said that she could receive extra government benefits if she clicked a link.

"It appears that the link opened up her phone so it could be downloaded remotely," officials said in their statement.

The victim gave some information to the scammer but became nervous and did not give any financial or vital personal information.

FCSO are urging the public that If they receive a friend request from someone that is already friends to not accept the request and contact the person.

Authorities are also asking the public to notify Facebook so they can disable the fraudulent account.

"Always be wary of any offers you receive from the internet. There are numerous scams going on at this time from counterfeit checks for payments of things being sold online and including individuals posing as Publishers Clearing House," FCSO said in the statement.