Fremont homeowner finds nails thrown in driveway

Posted at 11:07 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 00:07:50-04

Several people in Fremont are opposed to the building of the Costco chicken plant, and some are worried their opposition has made them a target for vandalism. 

“Someone has been throwing nails in our driveways,” Randy Ruppert said. 

Ruppert, while dumping out dozens of nails, said that he found them his driveway last week, he said he isn’t the only one dealing with this problem. 

“There are four of us now that have gotten nails in our yard, and the funny thing is, all four yards have a “No Costco” sign in the front yard,” he said. 

Ruppert is also the president of the Nebraska Communities United, who opposes the plant construction in Fremont. 

“Infuriating,” he said. ”Simply, where have we gotten in this county where we can’t have respect for opposing views.” 

The nails were in all shaped and sizes, Ruppert said the first two times it happened he was able to fill a coffee can full of nails. 

“We have a farm, we have lots of different people,’ Ruppert said. “So you are not just hurting us.” 

Ruppert said the sheriff’s office is aware of the vandalism and all of them have put up cameras to try and catch the person doing this.