Friends remember three people found dead...

Posted at 4:19 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 21:37:30-04

“Like everyone says you don't think this is going to happen to you and then when it happens it is the most miserable thing in the world,” said Logan Mendez.

After three young adults never returned home from a night out in Omaha on Saturday, missing persons reports were filed with the police. 

“I tried to call him and it just went dead, no ring or anything, no voicemail,” said Mendez.

Logan Mendez was hoping to get in contact with his best friend, 24-year-old Jonathan Rodriguez after he didn’t return home to Grand Island.

"That's not like Patricia. That's not like any of them.  I know Rob and he is a person who would not miss work, he wouldn't miss that Monday,” said friends of the three. 

Twenty two-year-old Robert Baker of Elkhorn and 21-year-old Patricia Padron of Grand Island were missing with Rodriguez. 

On Tuesday afternoon the Omaha Police Department spotted a gruesome crash scene near 180th and Blondo streets.  Family and friends feared the worst. 

“It was three bodies, a grey truck and it happened right along the lines of where Rob lived,” said Mendez.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies say they believe Baker missed a turn at the intersection of 180th and Blondo.  The truck then went through a field before crashing into a creek. 

"It's heartbreaking and it is weird that we all knew them and now they're gone,” said friends Annie Garza and Yazmin Rengel.

Annie Garza and Yazmin Rengel chatted via FaceTime from Grand Island about their friends. 

“They left nothing but good.  Yes we're sad, but we can't be because when we think back about all the memories that we have with them, you can't help but smile,” said Rengel and Garza. 

Friends of the three are convinced the crash was just an unfortunate accident.  

“As best as I can say, they were just trying to get home and just something happened and they were found where they were found,” said Mendez.

Autopsies were scheduled for Wednesday.