Funeral held for Shenandoah student killed

Rooker died after being hit by car while running
Posted at 6:17 PM, Jun 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-11 19:17:54-04

SHENANDOAH, IA. (KMTV) -- Friends, family, and classmates came together at Shenandoah Community High School to remember a 14-year-old teen killed while running at cross country practice.


Kinsee Rooker was killed last week when she was hit by a car on Highway 2 just south of Shenandoah. She was training for cross country at Shenandoah Community High School.


Classmates of Rooker are coming to terms with her untimely death.


“She was funny, always smiling,” said Lauryn Webster, a good friend of Rooker.


While wearing her favorite color purple, friends and family gathered at the high school to say goodbye to Kinsee.


"We talked about it a lot, about how she was gonna go out and start running and training for cross country next year,” said Mara Dinges, a classmate and friend of Rooker.


Dinges sat next to Rooker in choir.


"We would laugh when we couldn't hit the high note, cause we were sopranos. And we would be passing around candy during class when the teacher wasn't looking," Dinges said.


Rooker loved sports. An intense competitor--  friends said away from sports, she was caring and compassionate.


Dinges said these qualities made Rooker a wonderful friend.


"I would thank her for being a good friend, and always being there for me, being someone I can talk to whenever I needed it,” Dinges said.