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Gas stations request customers remove Halloween masks

Posted at 12:57 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 18:39:13-04

This Halloween, many gas stations in Omaha are putting signs on their doors telling you to not wear masks before entering the store.

A store clerk at the Phillips 66 convenience store, located near 50th Street and Underwood Avenue in Dundee, said the sign was put up this year for safety after the store was robbed earlier this month.

"We'll have to be watching the doors pretty heavily just because it is nice everyone is in the festive mood but that is the opportunity for someone to be walking in here with a mask on," said AB's 66 clerk, Patrick Conrad.

A MegaSaver near 41st and Dodge streets also put up a sign four days ago hoping to prevent any threats.

Many who live near the recent rash of robberies are in favor of the signs, "I think it’s a good idea in Midtown because the robbery rate is high here masks," said Jimmy Thurman. 

But as a safe guard, if you don't follow the signs you could get locked out of the store, "We have magnets here and we’ll try and stop them at the door if we can is somebody has a mask on we’ll try and flip the magnet and make sure their mask comes off before they come in that’s extra security for us," said Conrad. 

So far the stores tell 3 News Now they have not had any problems yet.