'Get A Job' sign upsets panhandlers

Posted at 5:44 PM, Aug 22, 2017

One man is trying to defeat the panhandling problem in Omaha by holding up a sign reading, “Get A Job,” as drivers pass by on 72nd and Dodge Street.

It’s a different way Charles Logan telling the panhandlers "no thanks". 

“Go get a job, go work, earn your money,” said Logan, “there's no excuse for people being on the street.”

Logan thought of this idea when he heard a kid say this was a way to make money and even his own son started to panhandle.

“I told him if you’re going on the street, I’m going to embarrass you so I saw him out there and I did it,” said Logan.

It's been a mixed reaction from some honks from drivers to abuse from panhandlers.

“The other day they poured some kind of chemicals on me, I mean if this sign isn’t true then why are they mad about it,” said Logan, “One guy told me if I come out back on the corner he'll kill me.”

Out on Saddle Creek and Cuming Street on Tuesday is Charles Smith holding a sign asking for money to pay his rent.

“To keep my daughter from being on the streets, I'm going to do what I need to do to make sure that my daughter and I have a safe place to live,” said Smith.

He said this was his last option as he was on disability but said that money is gone now, “They stopped my disability check a little while ago because I had to go for a disability review,” said Smith who isn’t a fan of the ‘Get A Job’ sign, “but he don't know people's situation if I can work with regular people I would that's why I’m on disability because I can only do limited things”.


But Logan argues that isn't an excuse, “Why these people out here? Because they are lazy and don't want to work.”

Here are some organizations in town helping the homeless in Omaha: 

Open Door Mission:

Sienna/Francis House:

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