Girl, 12, spreads kindness to police

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 18:35:02-05
A 12 year old is wise and generous beyond her years.
Every year, Mia Rodriguez gives forgets about her birthday gifts and donates to a group or people she cares about. 
Friday, she had fun at the Omaha Police southeast precinct, and showing appreciation for what police officers do.
Amidst giving officers gifts across all city precincts, she got several of them to do the mannequin challenge.
"For all of the police officers that have been through a lot this year, I decided I think they should have another chance to be appreciated,” said Mia Rodriguez of Mia’s Wish.
She doesn’t expect anything in return. 
"Some people think their birthday is about them, and only about themselves,” Rodriguez said. “I want to share my birthday with everybody else."
Officers gave Rodriguez a gift, cake and a tour of almost the entire southeast precinct.
Police work is often serious, and daunting.
This officer savors every moment of the good times, at work with the community. 
"It kind of breaks up the day,” said Officer Nicole Walker. “We see a lot of negative things so it's good to see the positive."
A nice act from a 12-year-old goes a long way.
"I'm very impresses that she would come up with this on her own at such a young age,” Walker said. “I'm very proud of the fact that I work for the police department. I'm proud that she has a positive outlook towards us, just warmth. It's just a good feeling."