Glenwood murder victim reportedly knew suspect

Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 19, 2016
An 18-year-old woman was shot and killed outside the assisted living facility where she worked in Glenwood, Iowa Saturday. 
Monday, details released about the victim and man accused of killing her. 
Everyone we talked with on and off camera in Glenwood are deeply mourning the death of Katy Weber who police say was shot and killed by someone who identified himself as an ex-boyfriend.
Weber's high school mourns.
“Anytime a young life is taken away, it hurts,” said Glenwood Senior High School Principal Richard Hutchinson. 
Hutchinson says it will be a while before the high school recovers from Saturday’s murder.
“It's tragic to lose someone unnecessarily,” Hutchinson said. “Because we are a small (school), you always have ties and connections that run deep. There's a lot of pain and a lot of condolences and a lot of wondering what we can do to help.”
Weber graduated a semester early and was working full time at the skilled nursing facility where she died.
"She was one of those that once you got to know her you knew she was genuine,” Hutchinson said. “You knew she cared about other people. Her only goal was to make other people happy and healthy.” 
Hutchinson wants Weber to be remembered as a genuine and hardworking woman.
"She just wanted to be that good person and it's really unfortunate to lose, it's unfortunate to lose anybody, but it's really sad when you see a young adult where you see the light click on and you see them know what they want and go after it, then something tragic like this happens,” he said. 
While Glenwood Superintendent Devin Embray didn't know Weber, he says the pain is real across the school district and community. 
“This shakes our community a little bit when we have a loss of life and we've had a couple over the last few years,” Embray said.
An arrest affidavit shows the suspect, Mark Troutman, 27, Sylvania, Ohio, told investigators he was upset with Weber because she had recently broken up with him.
Troutman is charged with first degree murder and is held on a $5 million bond.
There has not been a homicide in Glenwood for at least two years.