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Goat yoga comes to the Omaha metro

Posted at 10:48 AM, Sep 21, 2020

Goat Yoga, it's a thing

First there was yoga, then hot yoga, now goat yoga is a thing. Half Moon Yoga is holding goat yoga classes at the Ditmar Farm in Council Bluffs. You relax, laugh and hold that pose. But not everyone isn't sure of exactly what to expect.

"I thought just something fun and spontaneous to do so my friend and I decided to try it out and see what it is about. I just hope they don't do extra, they are baby goats so they have a mind of their own," said Christmas Bol, yoga enthusiast.

The goats used for class kind of help out, but mostly they are a laughable, playful distraction.

"It appeals to a lot of people for the animal therapy aspect as far as getting some exercise and being outside. People are anxious to get outside because we have been cooped up because of COVID and it is just a fun activity to do with your friends," said Carrie Stageman, Owner/Instructor, Half Moon Yoga.

But there are some assistant goat instructors that tha ttake their jobs seriously, they help people hold their poses as they walk under on right on you, asking for more food and needing to be petted.

"Everyone ends up having a great time. Everyone gets a bag of feed, they will eat anything and you have to leave all of your personal items outside. They will eat your keys, your shirt, your shoes, they will walk all over everything, there is no personal space," adds Stageman.

Reservations are required to keep social distancing space requirements.

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