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Golf courses busy while taking precautions

Posted at 6:05 PM, Mar 25, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) -- — While many businesses around the metro are shut down, golf courses are busy with people keeping a distance while getting in recreational activity.

Courses are taking precautions to make sure players keep their distance. Some have closed their club houses, and put more distance in between tee times. They’ve also put foam inside the cup or flipped the cup to keep people from grabbing the pin flags.

When it comes to carts, the rules vary between two people in a cart, only one person in a cart, or no carts at all. Courses say they are cleaning carts after each use.

Dave Lakin says he wanted to get some exercise and get out of the house.

"This seemed to be about the only recreational thing that I’ve seen with some of the golf courses opening up now is try to get out and about and have some normalcy to your life with trying to practice some of the safe social distancing,” Lakin explained.

Even places run by the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department are open but with restrictions.

Since there is no “Shelter in Place” order for the City of Omaha, Douglas County, or State of Nebraska courses are allowed to operate as long as social distancing is followed.