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Gov. Ricketts says semi-automatic rifle ban won't stop school shootings

Posted at 3:10 PM, Feb 27, 2018

Governor Pete Ricketts returns to Nebraska and says banning semi-automatic rifles isn't the way to stop school shootings.

The governor visited Holy Name Catholic School on Tuesday to sign the "Statehood Day" Proclamation.

Afterwards he told KMTV 3 News Now that banning semi-automatic rifles is not the solution and would infringe on everyone's 2nd Amendment rights.

Last week, Gov. Ricketts invited the NRA Convention to Nebraska when Dallas' mayor told them to go elsewhere, which created controversy in the wake of the Florida school shooting.  He said a conference like that would be great for tourism in the state, and there are many outdoor sporting enthusiasts here.

The governor stood by his invitation, and said we need to strengthen background checks and have early intervention for disturbed people.

"Do you believe that most people in nebraska support the NRA?" 3 News Now Senior Reporter Jake Wasikowski asked.

"I believe we have state that most people understand the importance of our 2nd amendment right and people do support the NRA," Governor Ricketts responded.

"But in the climate that we're in, some would say that tourism could take a back seat to what's right because people feel that the NRA is out to sell guns, sell big weapons instead of gun safety anymore," Wasikowski responded.

"Well I think a minority of people have that view of the NRA. Most people in Nebraska understand that the NRA is about protecting our second amendment rights and that when we're talking about what we do to avoid the tragedies in the future it's really about school safety," Gov Ricketts concluded.

Governor Ricketts says he's not against arming teachers but he would like to start a dialogue with educators, police, and others to see what's best.