Grass battle in West Omaha neighborhood

Posted at 7:53 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 23:14:46-04

A Southwest Omaha neighborhood is trying to figure out if they should cut their grass or let it grow. The Harrison Park neighborhood near 191st and Harrison decided to let the grass in their greenbelts grow to a natural state over the past two years.

“What would be more wonderful that living next to a natural prairie,” said Susan Wolfe who wants to see the grass grow, “We live in the prairie sate, let mother nature start doing her thing.”

The goal is to create a beautiful and environmentally friendly landscape.

“We really want this mowed, we don't want this tall grass growing like this,” said LaRene Walker who is not a fan of the tall grass.

She said several other neighbors want the grass gone and worry about the dangers it brings to the area like ticks, mice, and coyotes.

On Friday the SID board sent out letters asking everyone if they want to keep the grass or not.

“I am going to walk door to door this weekend and ask people did you get your ballot, fill it out and mail it?” said Walker.

“It has been very discouraging to see the opposition to it,” said Wolfe who is frustrated by the push-back, she said the grass could draw in more bees and monarch butterflies.

“Homeowners would benefit from the beauty of it, all we ask it to be given a chance to let that happen,” she said.

But Walker disagrees, “We have to look at the human safety than the environmental.”

The ballots will be mailed in the next few weeks and the SID board will decide if the grass will grow of if they will mow.