Gretna coach proud of Janovich's career

Posted at 10:26 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 23:30:05-04

It’s the play seen all across Husker nation and the entire country last night the rushing touchdown for the Denver broncos with an Omaha flare.

Gretna native Andy Janovich turned the first carry of his NFL career into an unforgettable moment. Those who know him say he's always worked for his success.

"They give it to the fullback and Janovich's first carry in the national football league is a touchdown.

A strong first impression by the man from Gretna.

“A lot of people slapped me on the head which is my least favorite thing-usually my head is pretty sore by that time but that's alright-I'm not the fastest guy out there. It's great to start out and have a win, it's a pretty special feeling right now,” said Janovich right after the game.

Janovich’s high school coach Chad Jepsen says that humble attitude and hard work propelled him to where he is today.

“Just how hard he worked, he's left that impression on anybody that's been around him very long, his work ethic is amazing,” said Jepsen.

Janovich's accolades line the walls of Gretna High School for both football where he led the team to the Class-B semifinals, and for wrestling where he was a champion for three years straight-with 95 consecutive wins.

Janovich walked on at Nebraska and really made an impression his senior year. That caught Denver’s eye and the Broncos picked him in the sixth round.

“He did that himself, we were lucky to have him, fortunate to be a part of his life and got to coach him a little bit, he deserves everything that he's done,” said Jepsen.

Jepsen says Janovich is a perfect role model for current players and the community, “Our school is awful proud of him, and we're not afraid to talk about him, he went here and is a part of our community.”