Gretna officials want input on development plans

Posted at 10:17 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 23:17:39-05

The City of Gretna is growing, new housing developments and business are popping up along Highway 6, and that has city leaders looking to the future.

“We are trying to get other peoples input on what they think would be best, what they’d like to see,” said City Administrator Jeff Kooistra.

He said they have a survey asking people about a potential library and community center.

“We have the libraries but if it’s going to be consolidated that would be really awesome,” said Gretna resident Mary Norfleet.

The current libraries for children and adults are in two separate buildings, and about two blocks away from each other.

“We don't really have a good public meeting place; we have our basement here in city hall probably at the best it would hold 60-65,” said Kooistra. 

The survey will ask questions that will determine if the Gretna people think they need a community center.
“It means a lot to us as a community and a city to find out what people really want,” said Kooistra. 

“The last think you want is for small towns to have all the people in town to go into the larger cities,” said another resident, Colin Jones.

Kooistra said the city is also planning on looking at revamping the down town area, “We will look at infrastructure, we will look at streetscapeing, we will look at the buildings, there are some buildings that need some work done.” 

He said one of the things they are looking is the stairs on the west side of the street.

Nrofleet thought the revamping was a great idea, “I think it'd be awesome; I’d like to see some more beatification of our city.”

The survey for the library and community center will go on for a few more weeks.

You can find that HERE.