Group hands "opt out" forms for OPS sex ed class

Posted at 11:04 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 00:04:20-04

The Omaha Public School board has already decided on implementing a new sex education curriculum in the schools, but for some, they hope parents will opt their kids out of it.

Just two weeks into the new school year opponents called “Nebraskans For Founders Values” took to the sidewalks Tuesday night - trying to get the word out that parents can "opt out" at all 12 OPS middle schools.

They've been against OPS’s new human growth and development standards from the outset, speaking at every board meeting.

They handed out sex-ed information they believe important for parents to know.

“Most parents have no idea of the level of contents of this explicit material that are in it,” said Mark Bonkiewicz.

They say the district's lessons are too much for kids--and parents should teach their children about sex.

“We know how precious each one of those children are and we want to do the absolute best we can  to educate the parent,” said Bonkiewicz.

In may the OPS board approved the district's first human growth and development curriculum update in decades.

Some of the information discussed was updated information for sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives, LGBT issues, cyber bullying, drug abuse among other topics.

The group hopes this new effort will make parents think about opting their kids out of the curriculum.

“When they see that, they go I don't want my child involved in that, and then all I have to do is fill out the gold form-yes that's correct,” said Bonkiewicz.

The reason the group decided to do this on Tuesday night--it was open house for all the middle schools--trying to catch a lot of parents.

If you would like to see for yourself the actual human growth and development standards, click here: