Group managing alcohol outlets

Posted at 5:26 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 18:26:35-05

Two Omaha groups are joining forces to help keep liquor stores in check across Omaha.

The group is called Local and it stands for Let Omaha Control its Alcohol Landscape.

They work to make sure retail liquor license businesses are following the rules of distributing alcohol to keep their neighborhoods safe.

"We are a group of neighbors that want to save our neighborhoods."

Chris Foster with Local spoke to Project Extra Mile on the organization's efforts to maintain Omaha neighborhoods.

"We want alcohol outlets to be responsible, to be good neighbors, and have good neighborhood practices”

One thing Foster says they fight against is liquor sells to underage individuals.

"When an alcohol outlet is not managing their business properly it can take a neighborhood down."

Foster discussed with Project Extra Mile how this can turn a good neighborhood to a bad one.

"You get nuisance issues like public urination, liter, parking issues, crime."

Project Extra Mile is working with Local to keep those businesses in line with public interest.

"We can prevent deaths, injuries and it’s important for the public to know that."

Foster says the good city ordinance is not meant to run retail liquor license businesses away, but to keep them managed.

"We are not here to shut businesses down at all, we just want to see them operate better and not be a negative impact on the neighborhood."

Since Local started in 2006 Foster says the group’s efforts have helped fight negative impacts on the community.