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Gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist to become Democrat

Posted at 6:33 AM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 19:18:59-05

After originally announcing he'd challenge Governor Pete Ricketts as an independent, State Senator Bob Krist has switched parties once again and will become a Democrat. 

“Voters are fed up with this kind of constant partisan politics from Governor Ricketts and his Party Bosses that divide us rather than unite us," Krist said in a statement. "I pledge to bring all of us together and to focus on unity and problem-solving, not ideology to move our great state forward.”

Krist officially announced the change at a press conference in Lincoln with Mayor Chris Beutler. 

“Nebraska, in my opinion, is not on the right track. We need a problem solver. We need a strong leader who’s not afraid to tackle the tough issues. We need a leader who can and will reach across the aisle and really talk to Republicans, Democrats and independents in a genuine effort to represent all Nebraskans,” Beutler said in a release.   

Krist was appointed to the Nebraska Legislature in District 10 in 2009 as a Republican and narrowly won re-election in 2010 before running unchallenged in 2014. 

“I did not agree with everything in the Republican Platform. Nor will I agree with everything in the Democratic Platform. My core brand is strong, principled leadership," Krist said. "My campaign for governor will focus on getting things done with all Nebraskans at the table."

The Nebraska Republican Party paints Krist as a flip-flopper, "He pledged not to switch parties and he was going to stay as a republican then he decided he was going to run as an independent. And as recent as Jan 25th 2018 he pledged no to become a democrat all of which he went back on his word on," said Executive Director of the Nebraska Republican Party Kenny Zoeller. 

The primaries are on May 15.