Habitat for Humanity rebuilds houses destroyed in Benson home explosion

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 18:55:48-04

A little over a year ago, a gas explosion shook a Benson neighborhood. 

In March, the homes were leveled and the land was donated to Habitat for Humanity for new homes. The explosion destroyed three houses and killed a property inspector. 

Dozens of volunteer builders are working this weekend and next weekend to to finish up the exteriors of the homes before Winter. 

Volunteers will then work on the interiors of the three homes throughout the winter months and they should be ready for families to move in by early Spring. 

Each of the families must meet three criteria to receive one of the houses - they must put in sweat equity volunteering, take workshops on homeownership and demonstrate a financial need. 
Habitat for Humanity says this build is helping with the neighborhood's recovery. 

"Last year we had the explosion here in Benson and after the owners thought about it they decided to donate the lots to Habitat for Humanity...trying to make a positive out of a tragic situation," said Sarah Lopez, Habitat for Humanity. 

Upon completion, the houses are then sold to the families for an affordable mortgage.