Health Care main topic at Congressman town hall

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-31 23:26:21-04

On the heels of a busy week in Washington DC, a U.S. Congressman is meeting with constituents to answer questions and address concerns. About 100 citizens attended today's town hall meeting with Representative Jeff Fortenberry of the 1st District of Nebraska, which represents the Lincoln and Bellevue areas.

The topics ranged from climate change, North Korea, passing a medical cannabis bill, and public school funding but most of it was focused on health care.

Representative Fortenberry gave examples of how Nebraskans both benefit and are hindered by the Affordable Care Act. Last week a bill to repeal the ACA failed in the senate.

"I think people want to get health care right, have a deliberate attempt by both serious republicans and serious democrats to find areas that overlap and fix this. It was a primary issue and that's why I led with it,” Rep. Fortenberry explained. “Part of this debate has been about financing none of it has been about a better deliver system and that’s the biggest cause of cost drivers.”

Here is a list of the scheduled town halls:

Monday, July 31

Bellevue: Noon
Bellevue Public Schools Welcome Center Boardroom
2600 Arboretum Drive, Bellevue

Lincoln: 5 p.m.
School Middle School
700 Penrose Drive, Lincoln

Lincoln: 7 p.m.
Lux Middle School
7800 High St., Lincoln

Tuesday, Aug. 1

Fremont: Noon
City Council Chambers
400 E. Military Ave., Fremont

West Point: 4 p.m.
Nielsen Community Center Citizens State Room
200 Anna Stalp Ave., West Point

Wednesday, Aug. 2

Columbus: Noon
City Council Chambers
1369 25th Ave., Columbus

Norfolk: 5:30 p.m.
Norfolk City Council Chambers
309 N. Fifth St., Norfolk