Heat doesn't stop festival goers

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 23:25:55-04
The high temperatures are already blamed for buckling roads, knocking out power, and even sending a handful of people to area emergency rooms.
But many are finding ways to deal with this relentless blast of hot weather. Ttonight it's a very busy start to the summer season in Omaha. Reporter Kelly Bartnick caught up with people having fun without overdoing it.
Even when there's not a cloud in sight. "How many do you need?" There is food and wine at the Santa Lucia Festival where the hearty Italians don't mind a little heat. "Whenever they come by we're pretty happy!"  That doesn't mean people here are sweating just a little bit.  "Back years ago when we did it in July and August, it was like this every festival, but this is the first since we've been down here that it's been this hot and that's fine." 
The water is just as popular as the wine and beer, but the heat won't stop anyone from coming. "It's like a family reunion it's just so awesome to see the families and friends and you talking it's a great time" "The last couple years it rained there were storms we had to run for cover"
From one end of the riverfront to the other there are festivals in the sweltering heat today, and it seems most people are preparing. "We got our little cooler and a little ice pack". Sandy Tyler's family also found the shade. "We got here and it happens to be shady so we said we're going to take this instead of hiking up the hill." As the heat settles in that's all you can do. Or stay inside which doesn't seem for any set on enjoying summer.