Help Wanted: Workers Needed for Capitol District Hotel

Posted at 5:30 PM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 18:30:40-04

Developers believe the new Marriott in downtown Omaha will be ready for business by this summer, but project organizers say they're running into another snag - finding workers. 

The inside of the new hotel in Omaha’s Capitol District is buzzing with activity. The Omaha Marriott Downtown is one of the many projects working to uncork the newly established entertainment district. 

"We kind of bridge a gap between the Old Market and the North Downtown area, where we can kind of really bring the city together downtown," said Megan Gilligan, director of sales and marketing for the Marriott. 

In order to take advantage of the customers, new businesses like the Marriott will first need to attract workers – to fill 150 positions.

"It’s a pretty challenging market,” said Steve Hilton, the general manager for the hotel. “With a great economy comes a low employment pool. We’re starting every position from rooms, food and beverage, engineering, banquets, everywhere. Even a Starbucks operation." 

Holly Barrett of the Downtown Improvement District says the answer could be in reaching out to workers across Omaha. 

"The jobs are hopefully going to bring in people from North and South Omaha,” Barrett said. “And I hope that those folks will also be able to get out and enjoy themselves in the entertainment district." 

Opening day for the Marriott is expected in June or July. In the meantime, the team is focusing on hiring fairs and filling positions. 


"We're hoping that as we begin to build and finish the hotel, we'll be an interesting property for people to join our team," Hilton said.