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Helping UNO students de-stress

Posted at 9:35 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 22:35:56-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — As we near the end of the year, many college students are gearing up for their final exams.

With those important tests coming up next week, UNO is doing its part to help students remain stress-free.

Junior Jess Paprocki says she's changed her study habits since her days as a freshman at UNO.

But one thing that hasn't changed--her stress levels during final exams.

“I still get stressed a lot,” said Paprocki. “Like a lot of my friends tell me that I am a stresser... like I'll stress out for an exam and I'll still get a 100 on it but like… I'm still a huge stresser when it comes to like little and huge exams."

In the midst of all the studying, UNO mental health therapist Katherine Keiser said it's important to take a brain break.

She offers this advice:

"When you're studying for an exam, you know, instead of thinking ‘I don't know this stuff’ or ‘I can't do it,’ literally think the opposite and it really does help lower our stress in the moment. And that will bring us some clarity and give us access to the stuff that we studied.”

And if stressing over finals wasn't bad enough, seasonal depression may also be starting to affect people on campus.

"Really, I would recommend someone talk to their doctor because sometimes antidepressants are a really effective strategy, or even just having one’s vitamin D level checked," said Keiser.

Thursday’s de-stress events include cookie and coffee time, yoga, board games and crafting.

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