Henry Doorly Zoo: Injured bald eagle recovering well after surgery

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 15, 2017

The injured bald eagle who had skin-graft surgery at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium earlier this month is healing well enough that it will not need additional surgeries.

The animal’s care team said the graft “looks excellent at this time, with 90-percent successful attachment,” according to a statement Tuesday from Henry Doorly. Experts plan to allow the remaining 10 percent to heal on its own, the zoo stated.

The bald eagle, originally found near Syracuse, Neb., was re-evaluated yesterday by zoo veterinarian Dr. Trenton Shrader and by Dr. Coleen Stice, an Omaha plastic surgeon who assisted with the surgery on Aug. 4.

The eagle, officially known as Eagle 2017- 172, still has some healing to do before he can be released. Zoo officials said the plan is to keep the bird at the zoo for two more weeks, allowing them to monitor his recovery and continue antibiotic treatment.

The goal is to transfer him back to Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery within the next few weeks, and eventually release him.

“We are happy so many people have taken interest in this eagle’s recovery,” said Janet Stander, Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery Director. “Anytime we can pull together the expertise and resources to tackle a truly unique case like this, it makes the eventual release that much more meaningful.”