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High school students learning to become nurses

Posted at 7:30 AM, Apr 06, 2018

Many districts offer academies to students would would like to learn about a trade.

It's a growing trend that some say is building the talent pool in the Metro and at places like CHI Midlands Health Hospital, it might be tough to tell who is a student and who is an employee. 

"Ultimately, I wanted an experience that was hands-on because I best when I'm learning something in the classroom and then going and putting my hands to work and learning physically," said Ayme Sumpter, a Papillion-La Vista student training to become a nurse. 

Take hands-on learning with a classroom setting and you'll discover the Health Systems Academy. CHI Midlands Health partnered with the district to not only bring exposure, but grown an immediate workforce. Through the program, students can become Certified Nursing Assistants while getting their high school diplomas. 

"We know that we're facing shortages in the years to come with the baby boomers generating getting older, me too, and we need to have health care workers that take care of us," said Tamra Field, the vice president of patient care services at CHI Midlands.