Home security video leads to burglary arrests

Posted at 11:02 AM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-22 12:02:57-04
Council Bluffs Police arrested two men who they believe broke into a garage Tuesday night.
Police were called to a home near 16th Street and 3rd Avenue just after 11 p.m.. The homeowner showed officers home surveillance video of the break-in taking place, which captured two men and the vehicle they were driving. While officers were at the scene completing reports, one of the suspects approached and asked the officers what was going on.  An officer recognized him from the video and detained him for questioning. 
Other officers checking the neighborhood found a red Ford Ranger pickup that had been used in the burglary, which had several items that had been taken from the garage in the bed. Officers contacted the owner, who claimed the truck had been stolen. When he came to pick up the truck, the officers recognized him as the other suspect in the video, and detained him for questioning.
Both men, 47 year old Chris Miller and 22 year old Joseph Smith were booked into the Pottawatamie County Jail for theft and burglary. Over $3,000 worth of stolen property was recovered and returned to the owner.