Homeowner assaulted during break-in in NW Omaha

Posted at 10:25 PM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 23:25:40-04

Omaha Police are looking for two people who broke into a home near 140th and Fort and assaulted the homeowner Thursday morning.

The homeowner found someone in his home holding his shotgun, a fight broke out and the homeowner was punched in the face, police say both suspects ran away. Police say the suspect got into the house through the open garage.

Neighbors nearby were shocked by the break-in.

“Wow, it hits close to home and you can really appreciate the precautions people need to take,” Mike McGuane said.

He said he was relieved to hear no one was seriously injured.

Neighbor Grace Otis was on edge after hearing about the crime.

“I am kind of frightened for my families safety,” Otis said.

She said this is a good reminder to double check that your garage and cars are closed and locked.

“If they can get in one garage, they might look down the street for one more,” Otis added.

“We really need  to be vigilant about keeping your garage door closed, your windows closed, just be aware of what is going,” McGuan said.

He added that some of the homeowners want to start looking out for each other.

“We are going to get the 10 houses around here, a little coalition going, and if someone notices their garage is open or window is open, let's give them a call and take care of it.”