Homeowner catches thief stealing package from porch

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 11:03:47-04

Council Bluffs Police continue searching for two women who stole a package from a porch, crashed, then fled from the hospital.

Police say 27-year-old Amanda Wilson and 52-year-old Michelle Kuhl were driving in a Hyundai Tucson near 25th and E Monday night. The pair spotted a package on a front porch. Police say Wilson walked up to steal it. 

The homeowner, Kyle Murphy was sitting in the front porch when Wilson creeped up to his porch.

"At first I thought somebody was walking up to my porch - maybe a neighbor or something like that. I noticed they were bent down, I thought that was kind of awkward. And when she stood up with the package, I kind of knew what was going on and that's when I stood up and she had a look of shock on her face," says Murphy.

Wilson then ran back to the car with the package. She shouted at Kuhl to drive. Murphy ran after them but slowed down when he heard the tires screeching. 

The two women and a 3-year-old boy fled but police say they failed to stop for a stop sign at the intersection. A minivan T-boned the Tucson, flipping the SUV on its top. 
"At that moment I was going to yell at them, and then all of a sudden they reached out and grabbed a 3-year-old boy. He came out and had a cut on the side of his head. And that point I realized probably not a good idea to make a scene," says Murphy. 
Emergency responders transported Wilson, Kuhl, and the three-year-old boy, as well as the two sixty-year-old passengers from the van to the hospital. Before police arrives, the two women took off and took the young boy with them. 
Police located the boy Wednesday afternoon. They did not specify how or where he was found, but said the boy was now with relatives.
Police have not said what charges the women are facing.