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How technology can help keep your kids safe this Halloween

News apps offer services for Halloween safety
Posted at 10:39 PM, Oct 30, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. — Halloween is Thursday and there are some good tips on how your children can use technology to stay safe.

A number of apps actually show safe Halloween routes, including the NextDoor. Houses can mark if they're passing out candy so children know which houses are safe to visit.

La Vista Police say this is a positive.

"When it comes to the technology and the NextDoor app or any type of social media it is a positive thing because it's letting the community communicate with each other as far as what they need to do on Halloween and what's good places to go to," Officer Dana Miller said.

Katie Carnahan of Papillion still goes out to trick-or-treat with her children. But she says if they went out with friends, she would want them to use technology for safety reasons.

"Oh for sure, especially for kids that are going out by themselves and don't have parents with them, I think a cell phone is definitely appropriate in case of an emergency but I would tell them not to be on it when they're walking around," she said.

La Vista Police say there are benefits to children having their phones to communicate. However, they don't recommend them to be on their phones while walking and crossing streets.