Omaha-metro area pitches in to help Harvey victims

Posted at 6:50 PM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 14:06:23-04

What started as a small call to action in Omaha has grown to a massive effort to help Tropical Storm Harvey's victims.


Volunteer firefighters Josiah Black and Mike Frost are used to helping others. Just a few days ago, the pair posted on Facebook about driving to the Houston area with donations for Harvey victims.


"I just put out on Facebook that i was thinking of going down and i just got a whole bunch of people that were like, 'Hey can you take this? Can you take this?' " Josiah said.


Amanda Pfeifer gave them a call.


"(The victims) need cleaning supplies, they need car seats, they need appliances. Many families that lived in flood zones don't have flood insurance, and so the financial burden they're being asked to take on is significant," Pfeifer said.


Pfeifer's brother is working on the front lines in the Houston area, coordinating emergency workers to help save victims of the historic flooding.


She put out a call to parishioners at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Elkhorn for donations for Frost and Black to take with them. David Hastings answered her call and donated a truck and trailer to park at the church.


Truck driver Jason Wilson will take it to the Houston area when its full.


"I first-hand witnessed the devastation from Hurricane Katrina," Hastings said. "Until you see it first hand, you don't realize the mass devastation a hurricane actually creates."


Frost and Black, along with a few other friends, will take other donations down from collections sites at Liberty Tax Service in Omaha and Council Bluffs.


"It'll be kinda hard to drop everything I'm doing and go out of town for awhile, but I think the people that I work with will definitely understand that its for a good cause," Frost said.


The pair doesn't know what to expect, but they're ready to help.


"I've been talking with a lot of people that are already down there helping and the churches and a whole bunch of different organizations that are keeping me updated on how to get in," Black said.


The volunteer fire fighters are currently paying their own way to get down to the Houston area to deliver aid to the victims. You can help them out by visiting their GoFundMe page and making a donation.


Cash donations are also the preferred donation method at reputable charity relief agencies, such as the Red Cross, which you can donate to via our website.