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Hundreds march at Turner Park for Omaha Women's Day March

Posted at 10:23 PM, Mar 08, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - — Hundreds of men, women and children came together in Midtown for Omaha's Women's Day March.

"I feel like Heaven has smiled on us," Organizer Rachel Fox said. "In this moment I'm so super charged because I see women, I see girls, I see boys I see men all standing in solidarity for women's rights and there's no greater feeling."

With the sun shining, and spirits high many came out to show their support for all women on International Women's Day.

"It's out in the open for people to see, we're not going to be silenced, we're not going to be put in the closet, we're not going to be hidden it has to be a public effort," Attendee Valeria Andersen said.

"I feel very empowered,"Attendee Noelle Miscinski said. "I've never done a women's march before so seeing us all come together and congregate for a good cause really made my heart warm."

Woman from different backgrounds spoke before the march.

Fatima Flores-Langunas shared her experience as an immigrant.

"As an undocumented queer woman of color, my place in this world was determined before I learned to walk," Flores-Langunas said.

Avalisa Gallo, who's a trans woman of color, shared her perspective on womanhood.

"My womanhood is constantly denied and being on stage speaking at the Omaha Women's Day March is a little scary for me," she said.

She also says, "living as a woman in America is dangerous and extremely unfair, but on the other side being a woman is beautiful."

Daisy Sudderth, who's the 2019 Miss Omaha Outstanding Teen was the final speaker, and shared the importance of togetherness, and women supporting women.

Rachel Fox's nonprofit, 'You Go Girl' joined forces with previous organizers to take on this year's march.

"It's important that we show not just our small city but the world that we are here to support women and women's rights, and equality and equity," Fox said.

The women of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. have supported the event for the past three years.

Members say they want young women to understand the importance of using their voice, and voting.

"As Delta Sigma Theta was a part of the original women's suffrage movement this is what we do," Member Tracey Newby said. "We're going to continue to march as long as we're able to and as long as we need to, which means we're going to be marching forever."

And for women like Andersen, the march was too important to miss.

"As a woman I will always be fighting, no matter Coronavirus, the flu, you know it's minimal compared to how big of an issue this is," she said.

Fox says she looking forward to next year's march, and continuing to celebrate Women's History Month.