Hundreds of bats to be released, some concerned

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 00:17:10-04

On Thursday, hundreds of big brown bats will be released at the Joslyn Art Museum. This is part of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc. spring bat release as the bats end their hibernation.

“The bats that we release tomorrow night will return to where they originally came from, they are not just going to stay in the neighborhood,” said Laura Stastny, executive director of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Inc.

But for 88-year-old Marcella Miller, she doesn’t want these bats coming into her neighborhood.

“I don't think they should release any more in old neighborhoods,” said Miller.

Miller said over the past decade the bats have provided unwelcomed company. Eventually buying a big net to catch them.

“At one time I caught two in about 6 weeks,” said Miller.

Miller doesn’t know how they get in or where they come from but just wants them gone.

“I couldn't believe my eyes-they fly so fast,” said Miller.

Stasny said they release the bats at Joslyn because the majority of them lived in East Omaha.

“Gives the bats the shortest route home so we are not having the bats traveling 20-30 miles to get home,” said Stasny.

According to Stasny the bats will not creep into any new homes rather fly to the areas they were used to, “We would never put the public in danger with a release or even with a single animal release, so the bats we will release tomorrow night they will fly around the Joslyn museum or an hour or two and then they are going to head home”.

NWRI will have informational tables and bat activities for children starting at 6:30pm on Thursday and the bat release starts around 8pm.