Hurricane Harvey: reaction from Gov. Ricketts, Rep. Bacon, Sen. Ernst

Posted at 12:13 AM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 01:13:22-04

The Nebraska National Guard sent four army helicopters and about two dozen soldiers to join relief efforts in Texas.

This afternoon, 3 News Now’s Craig Nigrelli sat down for a one-on-one interview with Gov. Pete Ricketts in Lincoln.

The governor says his chief of staff has been in contact with texas governor gregg abbott's chief of staff **and** their emergency managers have been in regular contact.

"We've told the governor's office whatever they need, we're willing to provide,” Ricketts said. “They just need to let us know. We've actually been preparing for this in the days leading up to Harvey making landfall. So we started to pre-position assets closer to Texas and will continue to help them any way we can."

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst talked about the storm with 3 News Now reporter Nick Starling today. She pointed out the difference between federal and local response to Hurricane Harvey compared to what happened during Katrina.

"I give great compliments to our administration for making sure that not only the federal government was prepared for response in this situation but also reaching out and making sure that those states, those governors, those mayors understand that the federal government is there," Ernst said.

Congressman Don Bacon said at the congressional level, they will be ready to step in and help anyway possible, and that those already in action are true heroes. "We are very honored and blessed to have heroes that step in and help out people they don't even know putting their lives on the line so we're thankful for people with that kind of courage,” Bacon said.

Bacon said his heart and prayers go out to the people who lost their homes and loved ones.

Tonight, President Trump said he may visit the Gulf Coast two or three times this week, with stops in Texas and possibly Louisiana.