Husker coach comments on rape allegations

Posted at 6:55 PM, Nov 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-17 19:55:23-05

Nebraska football head coach Mike Riley briefly addressed a reported incident that allegedly happened in the home of two players over the weekend.

Lincoln Police are investigating a reported sexual assault at the home where quarterback Tommy Armstrong and receiver Jordan Westerkamp live. The victim told police the assault happened between two and nine Sunday morning. The police report did *not name any suspects. Armstrong told the Omaha World Herald he and two roommates spoke to police, who said they should be fine.
After practice Tuesday evening, Riley called any action a "university matter", and talked about what he's been told. "We found out about the allegations, I found out a little after 11. I was in a staff meeting and then the university athletic department released a statement about following the process. We're really early in all this so it is one of those deals that we will follow exactly what the policies are within the university as everything goes forward. Whatever they find out we will follow it to the core."  When asked, Riley told reporters the players did not come to him. "All we were then doing was talking to each other about what the heck is going on. We really try to school our players on informing us on anything we are here we are responsible for their lives right here and I always tell them I can't help without information."
Riley said the players did practice on Tuesday.