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Husker fans optimistic before Hawkeye game, but see challenges ahead

'I was born a Husker and always have been so, win or lose, that's what I am'
Posted at 7:08 PM, Nov 25, 2022

PAPILLION, Neb. (KMTV) — Husker and Hawkeye fans were at Rally House in Papillion to check out all the gear ahead of the big game.

"Anything that is Husker gear and not Iowa gear," said Kevin Snook, a Husker fan.

I asked Snook if he would call himself a die-hard Husker fan — no matter what.

"Pretty much I grew up when we were doing the National Championship, you know, '94, '95,'97 era," said Snook.

But Husker fans like Kevin were hesitant when asked if Nebraska could pull off a win against Iowa and they reflected on this season.

"I don't think we have ever had a season like this and to watch it and see their demise was kind of upsetting," Meranda Mercer, a Husker fan said.

Despite what fans are calling a disappointing season, Husker fans always remain hopeful for a win.

"I hope every game. I do hope," Mercer said.

"I was born a Husker and always have been so, win or lose, that's what I am," said Matt Steiner, a Nebraska fan in town from Minnesota.

But with quite a few changes throughout the season already, fans said there's still work to be done.

"I feel like the guys played tough with the situation that they had and so hopefully next year we can come back stronger," Steiner said.

But will they come back with the same coach? With Mickey Joseph leading the team as the interim head coach, some fans hope he gets a chance to stay in the role.

"I'd like to see if Mickey Joseph could work out and, maybe with his own recruiting, have a good season next year; but, there is a lot of big names that we could bring in, which could help too," Steiner said.

Others don't necessarily have a name in mind, but they have some expectations.

"I just hope we get somebody who is ready for us as a team and more focused on our defense, really," Mercer said. "Hopefully it's a true Huskers fan."

But win or lose.

"Go Big Red," Steiner said. "Go huskers," Mercer said.

They were not disappointed on Friday. Just as this story was set to air, Nebraska defeated Iowa 24-17.

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