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Husker football culture extends way beyond the stadium

Fans love to tailgate and watch the game outside
Posted at 10:48 PM, Aug 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-31 23:48:29-04

LINCOLN, Neb. — Husker football is back. And if you were anywhere near Lincoln Saturday you were either at the game or cheering for the team from outside.

"It's such a great community. I mean you can go anywhere and people just offer their beverages, their food, their tailgates," tailgating fan Molly Murphy said.

Whether you're the daughter of Nebraska football hall of famer, Lyle Sittler, or students and fans just enjoying another game day, the football culture is intense here in Nebraska.

"Growing up with an ex-player, we lived and breathed this every Saturday to the point where I probably go overboard with it but it's all good," Lyle Sittler's daughter Jana Sittler said.

According to Sittler and Murphy, you drop everything when game day rolls around.

"Life revolves around Husker football and you make plans around the game," Murphy said.

"Engagements, wedding receptions, wedding, whatever, you plan around Husker football Saturdays," Sittler added.

But why make plans around the game when you can make some pretty big plans right in the moment? Bryce Meis did just that on Saturday.

"It's her birthday and she wanted her parents to be here and a lot of things to fall into place and I thought what better spot than the Railyard," Meis said.

He proposed in front of a crowd of cheering fans. Cheering for their engagement, cheering for the Huskers.

"This is true Lincoln spirit, true Lincoln spirit," Sittler said.