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Husker football fans remain optimistic despite three-game losing streak

Posted at 12:44 PM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 13:56:05-04

Husker football fans discussed what the future holds for the team at the Big Red Today Breakfast. 

0-3. Something Husker fans haven't uttered in more than 70 years.

"We didn't think that we were gonna go out there and win a lot of games, but we thought maybe we'd win two out of the three," George Cabello said. 

For the long-time Husker fan, this season hasn't lived up to his expectations, but he says that won't stop him from supporting his team. 

"We're not gonna give up," he said. We got next year and the year after." 

Even after the first loss to Colorado earlier this month, Husker fans were not having buyers' remorse. 

"I think we were so excited to finally get a home-bred coach who understands the game," Terrilyn Quick said. 

Fans were eager to see what could be for a team that's struggled over the past several years. But after last week's third straight loss, this time in the Big House some fans say they're getting nervous. 

"It does change my expectations a little bit," Rick Horn said. I was just hoping we could get six wins, but maybe we won't get there ... that's okay." 

"I think he's just got a long road ahead of him to get everything in place the way he wants it," Betty Cabello said. 

Husker legend Ahman Green was the guest at the Big Red Today breakfast and offered some advice to young players. 

"We know it may not happen this year in terms of winning a lot of games or getting close to winning the Big 10," Green said. But something that you know, I got your back and any other Husker watching has your back. You guys are going to be the foundation for what happens in the next three to four years in what Scott is trying to plan here." 

It's a plan that fans want to see bring a win this Saturday when the Huskers take on Purdue.